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A Cost-Effective Solution for Addressing the Top Challenges for Measuring Harmonics

Posted by Loren McClennan on 2019-Nov-05 09:15:00

Strict electromagnetic regulations require verification of emissions compliance of all wireless products. As a result, harmonic measurement has become increasingly important especially as modern wireless communication systems strive to achieve an optimal balance between spectrum efficiency and DC power use.

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Optimizing Cell Phone Service for College Football Fans

Posted by Loren McClennan on 2019-Oct-16 11:15:00

Picture one of the nation’s largest football stadiums packed with more than 100,000 people, each equipped with his or her own mobile phone. Wireless service providers typically rely on the stadium’s distributed antenna system (DAS) to maximize coverage inside of buildings. Unfortunately, the high-density of a stadium makes it challenging to service the simultaneous mobile connections while maintaining a high-quality signal. After each major event, it’s not uncommon for carriers to receive reports of performance issues that need optimization before the next game.

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NI and SignalCraft Collaborate to Extend Frequency Range and Harmonic Measurements

Posted by Loren McClennan on 2019-Sep-18 13:24:05

Engineers use the NI Vector Signal Transceiver to perform high-performance, reliable measurements using a software-defined approach that flexes to meet evolving requirements. Rapid adoption of this product family in wireless and semiconductor applications, combined with an increasing need to characterize products in production as well as in design, has led to an increased demand for harmonic measurement functionality and higher bandwidth among NI’s customer base.

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SC2250 Extends Frequency Range and Enables Harmonic Measurements in Design Verification and Production Test

Posted by Loren McClennan on 2019-Aug-13 11:05:00

SignalCraft Technologies (SCT) today announced the SC2250 – a signal conditioning module that extends the useful range of traditional 6 GHz RF instruments to microwave frequencies up to 18 GHz.

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