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SCT Participates in NIWeek 2018

Posted by Bernie Gobeil on 2018-May-29 10:50:12
NIWeek 2018 Alliance Partners

Few companies take alliance partnerships as seriously as National Instrument does. As Alex Davern acknowledged in his Alliance Day keynote, Alliance Partners are critical to NI's continued growth and success. As both an NI Alliance Member and Hardware Partner, SCT has been actively participating in NI Week for 8 years now.

Meetings with NI product management and key customers provide valuable feedback and input to our product road map and resource planning. The week also gives us an opportunity to take a step back and look at emerging technologies that will shape our world. This year's presentation on the Impact of Autonomous Vehicles was an excellent example of this, It was followed by a dynamic panel discussion that was well worth attending and the highlight of our week.

This year, we also met with the alpha customers of our two new hardware solutions that will be released in the fall of 2018. First to be released will be the SC2250, a compact 20GHz Frequency Extension for NI's popular Vector Signal Transceiver (VST) platform that fits in a single slot PXIe module. Typical applications include semiconductor companies looking to verify DUT harmonics and spurious emissions in high volume production test. Finally, the SC2420, is a Quad Channel, Phase-Synchronized 18GHz Channel Up/Down Converter that resides in a 1U, 19" enclosure and is targeted for use with the VST and intended for users working with GHz-wide bandwidth signals at microwave frequencies.

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